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I am not certain how others feel; if there is a sense of unease or contradiction that nestles deep within. For me, I feel a constant conundrum when it comes to acts of humiliation. On one hand I feel great shame and self loathing for wanting, nay aching for such acts and on the other hand I experience a rush of excitement and intense arousal. I experienced such sensations the other day when Master instructed me to go into the garage, naked and squat on the garage floor, reliving myself of my urine on the concrete floor.  I felt the light splash of my urine against my feet, I felt the wave of the crisp winters breeze brush over my exposed cunt and I felt the heat on my cheeks from obeying Masters’ orders.  I also felt the sheer embarrassment of doing such an act, of humiliating myself in such a manner as though I were an animal and yet even now as I sit and type this I know I will do it again - in fact I will hope Master will instruct me to do just that one day soon so that I might feel it all again. 

Humiliation is an interesting sensation and when I look at this image I feel an overabundance of humiliation and a quiet desire to experience just this - to be an animal just for Master. 


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    If she was really lucky, she might get to be treated like a dog.
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    I think treating my sub to a meal from the floor would help reinforce my dominance and her submission.
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    Hmmm when did I change thetwater pet? hehe …………
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